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Your Motorhome Holiday Guide to Cornwall
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Your Motorhome Holiday Guide to Cornwall

If you’re thinking of booking a staycation for this year’s summer holiday, you’re in luck. The UK has so much to offer that we often forget about, and it’s never been easier to travel to new destinations if you have your very own motorhome. One of the most popular destinations in the UK for a summer holiday is undoubtedly Cornwall, but it’s not all about going to the south and finding the hottest beach. Far enough away to feel like you’re going on a holiday, but without the stress of passports and making it to your flight, Cornwall has so much to offer.

So, where to start? Premier Motorhomes offer you a guide to your next motorhome holiday in Cornwall.

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How to get there

While Cornwall might seem like a long distance away, it’s definitely worth the drive. However, any successful trip starts with good planning especially if you’re going in your motorhome. So, if you’re planning to go to Cornwall, here is a little travel information to help you.

Driving on the main access roads around Cornwall will ensure you avoid any problems in your motorhome, other than the occasional traffic jam! However, there are also narrow high-hedged lanes and you may need to check with any campsites that are off the beaten track. In order to avoid two-way traffic, some campsites may have designated arrival and departure times.

Remember to plan your journey to include regular stops at service stations, especially if your journey is long!

When it comes to finding a place to stay, Cornwall has more opportunities for camping and motorhome parking than any other county in the UK. Note that overnight sleeping is banned in council-owned car parks!

When to visit

The peak season for visiting Cornwall is, naturally, the warmer months of the year. May to September can be busy, particularly during the months of the school holidays. However, this shouldn’t put you off! After all, Cornwall is at its best when the beaches are busy and there’s so much more going on.

There’s always something happening in Cornwall, whether it’s a garden show or a sailing event. Some particular events are worth planning your trip around, such as the Royal Cornwall Show in June or the Cornwall Film Festival in November!

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Top attractions

So, why Cornwall? What can you expect to spend your time doing? Whether you’re a first time visitor or you’ve been coming for years, we’ve no doubt that you’ll still be taken aback by the beauty and excitement of the area.

Cornwall offers 5 beaches that currently have Blue Flag status, with a famous surfing culture. With 295 miles of coastline, it’s not hard to see why people flock here on their staycation. However, Cornwall is so much more than that. There are castles to wander around, Celtic roots to discover and the well-known Eden Project! Not forgetting St Michael’s Mount, you won’t be short of an adventure.