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Your Guide to Motorhomes in Winter
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Your Guide to Motorhomes in Winter

If you’re new to owning a motorhome, or you’re still in the stage of considering buying one, you might think just before winter is the worst time to invest. The cold weather is fast approaching, and it doesn’t exactly scream weekend getaway. However, motorhomes in winter is a more popular concept than you might think, both for treating yourself to a new one as well as escaping for a long weekend.

Motorhomers are known for being a resilient bunch, and won’t be put off by the cold temperatures or even a flurry of snow. So if you’re hoping to own a motorhome sooner rather than later, don’t let the winter season put you off; you won’t find any problems as long as you follow some basic maintenance tips.

motorhomes in winter

Buying motorhomes in winter

If you’ve made the decision to buy a motorhome, but you’re worried that you should wait until spring when you can use it to its optimum, give it a second thought. There are so many winter breaks that are perfect for motorhomes, you’d be surprised how much use you can get out of it from now until spring.

However, if you’re hoping to buy one ready for next year and you want to store it somewhere in hibernation, you might want to consider these tips.

You’ll need to prep your motorhome before storing it away; give your motorhome a once-over and make a list of things that you should really do before you say goodbye to it. Any soft furnishings should be brought inside to avoid damp or mustiness, and make sure you drain your water system too. You should also consider disconnecting and removing the leisure batteries and keeping them charged up in the house.

You can then either choose to buy a vehicle cover for your motorhome to protect it from the elements, or put it into a secure storage unit over the winter. However, don’t be a stranger; check on your vehicle every now and again or even take it for a short run to make sure everything remains in working order.

Using motorhomes in winter

If the wintry conditions don’t scare you, you’re one of the many motorhome owners who choose to book in a winter break! Before each trip, there are some routine checks you should carry out, especially if the weather is treacherous.

It’s common sense to check your engine along with oil and water levels; keep an eye out for frozen water in pipes. You may want to park your motorhome on a slight incline to avoid this. Make sure you have plenty of anti-freeze or even salt to thaw out parts of your motorhome if needs be!

Wherever you’re planning on going in your motorhomes in winter, check your destination and make sure the site is actually open through the winter months. You should do your best to get an electrical hook-up; this way you can be comfortable no matter what the weather is doing outside!

If you need any more advice when it comes to buying a motorhome, don’t hesitate to contact us today!