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Your Guide to Motorhome Trips with Your Teens
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Your Guide to Motorhome Trips with Your Teens

There aren’t many better things in life than getting the family together for some quality time. Whether it’s a Friday movie night, or a holiday in a new and exciting place, it can be a great feeling bringing everyone together. However, this might not be as easy as you think! Your children might be willing to travel with you, but only on the condition that they’re allowed to be glued to their phones or tablets; not quite the quality time you had in mind.

Travelling in a motorhome can give you plenty of opportunities to spend time together, but it does take some planning to make sure everyone enjoys themselves as a family. Here at Premier Motorhomes we want to ensure that every trip you take in your motorhome is a memorable one, so here are just a few tips.


Include your teenagers in the planning

Many kids will disengage with a holiday because it’s up to the adults to plan, and so they don’t feel included from the word go. Many parents will plan a holiday without necessarily consulting their teenagers. So, if you want your teenagers to be excited and look forward to a trip with you, you might want to let them suggest some options for a destination. Asking your kids where they would choose to visit can help you to plan a trip that suits everyone; plus, you never know what interesting places they’re going to come out with!

What’s more, let your teenagers help throughout the whole planning process. Give them a map to inspect, or ask them to help you research what there is to do in a particular area. This means they might be a little more excited about their upcoming holiday!

Give them some independence

Once you’re off on your next adventure, you have the chance to let your kids take the lead a little. Not only will this keep them interested in their surroundings, it gives them a chance to do something they really want to. They may end up surprising you, and you can bet there isn’t a phone or headphones in sight.

Another helpful tip is to keep a few things as a surprise. While your teens might have a list of things they want to try while you’re on holiday, make sure there are a few extras that you know they will enjoy. From an amusement park to a wildlife centre, you’ll find there are plenty of activities to throw in the mix.

Make sure the motorhome is a fun space

It can sometimes be difficult for a family to live in a motorhome for an extended amount of time, especially if there are a few of you! It’s important to choose a spacious motorhome and know when to give each other some privacy.

Doing things such as playing board games, or having a BBQ can make sure everyone still enjoys themselves even in their down time.

To find your perfect motorhome for you and your kids, check out our extensive range of makes and models today!