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Why You Need an Auto-Trail Motorhome
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Why You Need an Auto-Trail Motorhome

Auto-Trail is one of the leading manufacturers in luxury motorhomes, with a rich British heritage. Developing a reputation for design innovation, Auto-Trail is a strong brand which continues to grow year on year, thanks to market research in order to help further design. Auto-Trail’s reputation has come from being a valuable member of the Triango Group, often hailed as Europe’s leading leisure company. With over 30 years of experience in the motorhome industry, Auto-Trail are an award winning company that continue to be incredibly successful.

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In the 1980s, Auto-Trail’s signature cream motorhomes with brown stripes were the most popular style; you may even see a few vintage ones knocking around today! This style was soon caught up by green and blue variants which also proved to be very popular. As a company that has had 3 decades to develop, they have become a brand that we know and love today.

Luxury lifestyle

Auto-Trail motorhomes aren’t just a leisure vehicle; they are a lifestyle. The ability to take your home with you, wherever your next adventure takes you, is the perfect solution for those who want to take the opportunity to see more of the world together. Basing the company on great value, choice and innovation, the specification of Auto-Trail’s motorhomes is always under review to improve it further.

Luxury, British-built motorhomes from Auto-Trail uphold its reputation by accommodating every element of life on the road. Whether you are travelling with your other half, or taking the extended family away for some quality time, you can do it all in style.

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Versatility and choice

With 29 different models, a lot of which you’ll find right here at Premier Motorhomes, Auto-Trail motorhomes can accommodate up to 6 berths. Its distinct exterior profile is unmistakable, and ergonomic design means you can travel at ease.

With everything you want in a motorhome, Auto-Trail motorhomes have full functionality across the board, creating a real home away from home for you and your loved ones. With all the specifications in place for comfort and safety, you can relax and travel in peace. Incorporating elements you would never normally think of, Auto-Trail give you 5-star luxury for a better experience. For example, all soft furnishings have been created with stain protection and high standard UV stability, as well as including great thermal insulation to guarantee your comfort.

A British company through and through, 1 in 3 Auto-Trail motorhomes sold in the UK are made at their very own manufacturing plant in Grimsby!

To invest in your very own Auto-Trail motorhome, check out our extensive range and begin your adventure of a lifetime.