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Understanding the Hymer Motorhomes Range
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Understanding the Hymer Motorhomes Range

Buying a motorhome is probably one of the easiest ways to travel around the country and even further afield; allowing you that element of freedom to drive wherever the mood takes you. However, when it comes to choosing the right motorhome for you and your family, the choice can seem somewhat overwhelming.

With so many different motorhome manufacturers currently on the market, how are you supposed to know which one to decide on? Understanding the ranges that motorhome manufacturers offer can ensure you make an informed decision, so let Premier Motorhomes offer an insight into the Hymer motorhome range to help you on your way!

Hymer motorhomes

A name that has become synonymous with quality motorhomes, Hymer has recently celebrated its 60th anniversary. Born from Erwin Hymer’s idea that it was possible to go on holiday without staying at a hotel or campsite, the brand’s first caravan was built back in the 1950s. Continuing to innovate and design ever since, Hymer motorhomes have become an industry standard.

The fast-paced development of motorhomes over the last 50 years has left us with some incredibly modern designs that are continuing to improve even today. In other words, if you’re looking for a Hymer motorhome, then now is the best time to treat yourself to a new model. With so many to choose from, there’s something to accommodate your needs.

Small and compact Hymer motorhomes

If your family is on the smaller size, or there’s just the 2 of you driving off on a romantic adventure, then a smaller and more compact motorhome might be the perfect solution.

Hymer motorhomes encompass a number of models that are on the smaller side, making sure you have ample space without going over the top.

One of the smallest Hymer motorhomes is the Hymer Van; a semi-integrated motorhome than would even be ideal as a second car. It’s a very lightweight and agile leisure vehicle, meeting the demand for a motorhome that’s easy to handle. It might be compact, but it doesn’t compromise on any of your home comforts! It can accommodate up to 3 berths.

hymer motorhomes
The Hymer Exsis-t is another successful model, with a laden mass of under 3000kg, it has a lightweight construction and can hold up to 5 berths despite its compact appearance. Offering a carefree travel solution, it maintains a high level of comfort and keeps important features like LED lighting and garage doors on both sides.

The Exsis-i is of a similar construction, offering lightweight technology that means drivers are able to work with speed restrictions, overtaking bans and higher toll charges.

Also included in the smaller range of Hymer motorhomes is the Hymermobil B-Class Dynamic Line. The team built a motorhome that was under 3.5 tons but still kept all the comfort and luxury you could need in a small motorhome. Again, this model can be created with up to 5 berths while remaining compact.

Large Hymer motorhomes

Of course, sometimes we dream of having more room and bringing more people on holiday with us; motorhome holidaying is becoming more popular with families that have young children. Hymer have created larger models that can accommodate bigger groups or simply provide more room for the 2 of you than you could dream of!

The Hymermobile B-Class Premium Line offers up to 5 berths and comes under the heavier weight load as well as being a longer vehicle. Living up to its premium label, this model benefits from optimal driving comfort and elegant interiors with smart highlights.

The Hymermobil ML-I model is on the larger end of the scale, offering 5 berths while remaining under the 3.5-ton cut-off. With an extensive safety package and electronic stability control, the ML-I can take the whole family away very comfortably. It’s also now available as an off-road version; the first fully integrated vehicle under 3.5 tons with four-wheel drive.

The Hymer DuoMobil is a tailor-made motorhome for couples who love having ample space. The ultimate touring motorhome, it provides flexibility for those who want a couples’ retreat. With clever design features such as a cab that can be transformed into a sleeping area when needed, this motorhome makes everything as comfortable as possible. Offering luxury and functionality, it’s perfect for your upcoming travels as a couple.

hymer motorhomes