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Top Tips for Preparing your Motorhome for the Winter Months
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Top Tips for Preparing your Motorhome for the Winter Months

With summer well and truly over, it's time to look forward to the colder weather of autumn and winter. Preparing your motorhome for the winter months is essential to prevent expensive repairs in the future.

It is a good idea to begin to prepare your motorhome for winter now while the weather is still relatively suitable to do so. You don’t want to leave it until last minute and end up fumbling about in sub-zero temperatures. A motorhome specialist, such as Premier Motorhomes will be able to supply you with any winter accessories and give you practical help and advice to help maintain your motorhome over winter.

Winter is coming……

Whether you’re planning to go away in your motorhome this winter or not, here is a list of top tips and precautions to take when preparing your motorhome for the winter months.

  • One of the most common dangers to your motorhome during winter is frost damage. Frost damage to your water system can cause hundreds of pounds worth of damage and often isn't covered by any warranties or insurance. If your motorhome is likely to be stood unused over winter, then you should always open all taps and run your water system empty. Turn off the water pump and leave all taps open.
  • It is important that your motorhome is kept well ventilated over winter to prevent condensation and mildew development. Move all upholstery away from the walls of your motorhome as this can also help to prevent mildew and apply exterior winter fridge vents.
  • It is advisable not to leave your handbrake on for an extended period in the winter. When parked up, leave your motorhome in gear and use chocks to prevent movement - leaving your handbrake on could cause it to seize up.
  • Unless they are in use, you should keep all fly screens and blinds in your motorhome up during the winter. Leaving them down for extended periods of time can cause them to lose tension.
  • If you are not going to be using your motorhome over the winter, it is important that you still take it out for a long drive at least once a week. As with any other motor vehicle, it is not advisable to leave it stationary for a length of time. Half an hour to an hour's drive once a week will help maintain the health of the engine and also keep all batteries charged.
  • The winter is the ideal time to get your SMMT check of the habitual area of your motorhome.
  • Before the really cold weather sets in, it is a good idea to invest in some snow chains for your motorhome and practice putting them on. Also, invest in a snow shovel to live inside your motorhome.


Preparation is key

Preparing your motorhome for winter weather now can help prevent costly repairs in the future. Take steps to keep your motorhome in good condition now, whether you are planning a winter break or simply storing your motorhome over the cold months. If you look after your motorhome now, you'll prevent any problems arising in the future.