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Tips for Buying a Used Motorhome
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Tips for Buying a Used Motorhome

Many people who are looking for a motorhome can sometimes be put off by the price tag; after all, you’re investing in a luxury vehicle and everyone’s budgets are different. Buying a used motorhome is still a big decision and one that should be thought about carefully. A motorhome can quickly become an integral part of your family life and will transform the way you go on holiday, so you need to make the right choice. After all, it needs to fit into your lifestyle and enhance your future experiences!

Most motorhome owners invest in used, or second hand, motorhomes because of the benefits it can bring. Perfect for a first-timer, used motorhomes can offer you an ideal start to your new way of holidaying. So, if you’ve been considering it, follow our tips before you buy!

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Do your homework

Make sure you know your budget; this can help when it comes to making a final decision on a motorhome. Take a look at our range of used motorhomes to get an idea of price, as well as the makes and models available. It may be worth making some notes on the models that you’re most interested in, and doing some background research on the motorhome manufacturers. The more you know about your motorhome, the more you’ll get out of it!

When you’re thinking of price, remember there are running costs involved too including insurance, services and fuel. Make sure you’ll be able to run your motorhome comfortably once you’ve bought it.

Consider different layouts

Different motorhomes can have different layouts, so while you might already have an idea of how you want yours to look, you may have to be flexible. After all, there is no guarantee that you’ll find something exactly like the picture in your head!

Make a list of things that you absolutely need when it comes to your dream motorhome, but be reasonable. Remember, the more ridiculous your requests become, the harder it’ll be to find the perfect motorhome!

Check the specs

Luckily for you, our used motorhomes are still in great condition and are only a few years old, so the specifications are still impressive. After all, what’s the point of buying a used motorhome if it doesn’t have everything you need?

Make sure you check the condition of the vehicle for your own peace of mind and ensure you’re happy with it before buying. Take a look at the mileage, what chassis it’s built on, the soft furnishings inside and even the electric appliances. You should be 100% happy with your choice.

We will also offer you a handover demonstration so that you know everything about your motorhome, so that you can drive away confidently!