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The Best Outdoor Activities in Autumn
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The Best Outdoor Activities in Autumn

With autumn well and truly here, you might be wondering how best to spend your free time before Christmas arrives. After all, the shops are starting to look a little more festive and you might have even started to think about presents! If you aren’t thinking that far ahead, then you still have a few weeks to revel in the autumn weather and enjoy your weekends making the most of the change in season.

When it comes to autumn, many people think it’s time to hibernate and not be as adventurous as you would normally like to be. However, if you have a few spare weekends coming up, you might be surprised! Premier Motorhomes offer a few ideas to keep you active throughout autumn.

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Scenic walks

One of the most popular outdoor activities at this time of year is to simply get out and enjoy the scenery. Walking is a popular activity for autumn thanks to the comfortable temperatures and the landscape changing colour. It’s something you can do with the whole family, or wander off for a romantic stroll with just the two of you.

You might want to choose to stay local, but why not take advantage of all the different locations within driving distance? Jump in your motorhome and make a weekend of it; with fascinating destinations like the Lake District, Snowdonia or the Yorkshire Dales, you can keep the family active all weekend.

Wrap yourself up, load up the motorhome and explore a new place in the crisp autumn weather this year; you won’t regret it!

Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night is only a few days away but even if you miss it, the concept of a bonfire or even fireworks display can be done throughout the season. Thanks to the darker evenings, you have the chance to add some colour and excitement to your autumn. Whether you attend a local bonfire, or visit somewhere new to see how other towns celebrate 5th November, the choice is all yours.

Fascinating bonfire night celebrations occur all over the country, such as in Lewes, or Kenilworth Castle. If 5th November is too busy for your liking, you can host your own campfire with a few fireworks, complete with toasted marshmallows!


Similar to your scenic walk, heading out with your camera can be incredibly rewarding. With all the bright colours of autumn and the sun still making an appearance, you can get some great photographs. Whether you want to frame them and put them up in your home, or just keep them to show your family when you get back, it’s up to you.

If you’re out wandering and taking photos, you might even be lucky and spot some wildlife like otters, deer or a rare red squirrel!

Get baking

If the weather is just too much for you, or there’s a rainy spell and you have to admit defeat and entertain yourself indoors for a while, autumn is one of the best seasons for baking. It’s the season for apple, blackberries and pumpkins, giving you plenty of opportunities for baking sweet treats.

Get the younger ones involved if you want, or just surprise them with an apple tart or blackberry pie when you’re finished!