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Survival Guide for Motorhomes in the Winter
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Survival Guide for Motorhomes in the Winter

Many people will choose to continue travelling in their motorhome throughout the winter, enjoying the crisp air and wintry walks. However, there are those of you who would prefer to store their motorhome away for hibernation, waiting until the nice weather to begin again.

Here at Premier Motorhomes we want to help you make the most out of your motorhome, and ensure it lasts a long time for you and your family. Safe storage of your motorhome through the winter is crucial to keeping it in good condition, and there are a few important tips to remember to make sure your home on wheels is still useable when winter has passed!


Storing your motorhome

If you are planning on putting your motorhome away for the winter, it’s important that you consider the necessary security measures. For example, can your motorhome stay on your driveway, or would it be better in a separate storage facility?

Avoid risk areas such as somewhere that is prone to flooding; you might want to avoid anywhere that could cause damage to your motorhome such as under trees. With unpredictable weather through the winter, you’ll want to be prepared for all possible options.

Looking after your motorhome

Before putting your motorhome in your chosen storage space, there are a few steps you can take to help it last through the winter safely. Wash the exterior of your motorhome to get rid of any final dirt; this can help to save the paintwork and avoid the risk of any rust forming.

You may also want to consider covering up any vents to avoid insects or small animals making a home in them over winter!

It goes without saying that you should also empty your cupboards and the fridge, making sure nothing is left there for a long period of time, otherwise you’ll be faced with a nasty surprise next time you take a trip!

Watch out for the tyres

A stationery vehicle is at a much bigger risk of tyre deterioration, mostly due to the weight of the motorhome. Using a jack to raise your motorhome might help in alleviating some pressure and preventing your tyres from flagging.

Furthermore, make sure you check your tyres properly before setting off for the first time in spring!


Travelling abroad

Of course, if you are travelling abroad in the winter and want to carry on your adventures, there are also some tips to consider. You will want to ensure you carry a lot of anti-freeze for a start!

Check the rules of the country you are visiting. Some countries will require winter tyres, snow chains or other safety equipment such as high visibility jackets. These might be a requirement if you’re travelling in winter!

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