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Popularity of Motorhomes is On the Rise for 2016
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Popularity of Motorhomes is On the Rise for 2016

Here at Premier Motorhomes we continue to provide families, couples and friends with the perfect motorhome to enjoy leisurely holidays and adventures for years to come. Motorhomes can be a great solution to your holidaying dreams if you want to escape your daily routine and explore somewhere new; motorhomes make it incredibly easy and convenient to go on an adventure in a new part of the UK you’ve never seen before!

Motorhomes provide the freedom needed to discover new destinations while you relax in your own familiar surroundings. By the looks of it, you all feel the same!

Motorhome industry given a boost

The National Caravan Council (NCC) has reported that registrations of new motorhomes have increased by 20.4% in March 2016, compared to March 2015. Likewise, new motorhome registrations have increased for the first quarter of 2016 as a whole compared to the first quarter of 2015; this is up around 20% too. It is clear that many of you agree that motorhomes are a convenient and comfortable way to travel with your family and friends. The UK population as a whole appears to have a love for holidaying by motorhome, as sales across the country have now meant the UK is one of the fastest growing markets in Europe.

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The rise of the staycation

There has been an increase in the number of people preferring the notion of a ‘staycation’; the idea of going on holiday in your own country. This is a great way to explore what is right on your doorstep and see whole new parts of the country that you wouldn't have otherwise. The beauty of a motorhome? It makes exploring so much easier!

The rise in the amount of people going on staycation may have given the popularity of motorhomes a boost. The Great Britain Tourism Survey in 2015 revealed that the UK population took 29.2 million short breaks, consisting of 1-3 nights. This accounted for two thirds of English holidays that year. The perfect accompaniment for your short holiday is a motorhome, thanks to its huge array of amenities and high standard of comfort.

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Motorhomes are the ideal leisure vehicle for any age and any group of people. Whether you fancy a long weekend away with your best friends, or you want to spend quality time with your little ones and other close family, the modern motorhome is spacious with added luxuries.

To make your next holiday the best one yet, check out our range of new motorhomes from a collection of high quality brands!