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Plan Your 2018 Destinations
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Plan Your 2018 Destinations

With 2017 quickly drawing to a close, it simply means there is another year of adventures waiting for you around the corner! As a motorhome owner, you’re probably always looking for the next place to travel to and uncover a whole new set of destinations to tick off your list. With so many incredible places right on our doorstep, the UK is one of the best places to start when planning your trips for 2018.

So, if you’re hoping to find some inspiration for your next journey, let Premier Motorhomes help you with some of the most fascinating places in the UK.

2018 destinations

Beautiful landscapes

The UK is home to stunning landscapes that you’d probably be surprised to learn are in the same country as the one you live in. They may be a few hours’ drive away, but in your motorhome this is simply part of the fun! So, if it’s a rural escape you’re looking for in 2018, take note of these beautiful destinations.

The Outer Hebrides in Scotland are a collection of islands that can really make you feel like you’ve escaped. Offering a different pace of life, the Outer Hebrides is home to breath taking scenery and fascinating history. An area of interest to archaeologists, the likes of medieval churches and even mummies have been found here. Alongside strong Celtic roots, you can immerse yourself in this unique culture and learn more about Celtic traditions.

Exmoor National Park is a special area of woodland and valleys, offering a huge array of activities and wildlife to explore. Home to over 1000km of footpaths, enjoy the outdoors and spot some the unique wildlife that appears in this area. From horse riding to canoeing, you can be as active or as relaxed as you want!

Kimmeridge Bay is one of the best and safest rock pooling and snorkelling areas in Dorset. It is a stunning location that is known for its fossils and it’s an incredibly unspoilt area of the country. With Lulworth Castle not far away, it’s a trip full of discovery.

Interesting cities

Of course, not everyone wants to relax in the countryside; many of you will be itching to discover new cities and wander around the bustling streets. If this kind of exploring suits you better, you’re in luck. Some of the most interesting cities in the country are only a few hours’ drive away.

Oxford is a cultural city that has everything in one place. Revolving heavily around the prestigious university, you can shop, sightsee or relax at your own pace. There are historical museums to get lost in, punting on the river, or even travel out to visit the famous sites of Blenheim Palace and Bletchley Park. With so much to do in one city, you’ll wonder why you haven’t visited before!

York is a city that still shows the influence of the Roman period even today. York Minster is the largest of its kind in Northern Europe with impressive medieval stained glass. It was build over 250 years, between 1220 and 1472. There is also a huge collection of Roman artefacts in the Yorkshire Museum, while Roman ruins can be found in the gardens. There is, of course, a heavy Viking influence too; the Jorvick Viking Centre is a fascinating way to spend a couple of hours in York. Between that and the beautiful cobbled streets full of shops and restaurants, you’ve got yourself a ready-made city break in the UK.

Edinburgh is somewhat of a cultural hub in Scotland, full of history and hidden gems. From the castle to famous film locations, you can enjoy both the busy city life and beautiful landscapes. Arthur’s Seat is a popular hike, being both an extinct volcano and shrouded in myth. Some say it was the site for the legendary Camelot, where King Arthur and his Knights set up home!

Edinburgh is a cosmopolitan city, complete with Michelin star restaurants, vibrant nightlife and a great arts scene. For a city that can do it all, you can’t go wrong with this Scottish destination.