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Mr Wright
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Mr Wright

Fellow campers if you want the best of care,

You really must go and visit PREMIER,

Located down on the sunny south coast,

You will always find that they will do their utmost,

To give you the very best of customer care,

At prices that are always reasonable and fair.

These are dealers of a very different kind,

And if they don’t stock it, they will quickly find,

Any spare that your beloved motorhome needs,

From a great big sprocket to a simple set of leads,

Nothing for them is too big or too small,

So go on campers give them a call.

Angela the boss steers the Company’s direction,

Whilst Lisa heads up the Workshop section,

With Chris in Spares with the spiky hair,

And a myriad of others who make up Premier,

All work as a team to really make sure,

That you will beat a path to their open front door.

As I said before, Premier are dealers of a different breed,

They are friendly and helpful and strive to meet our need,

Be it for buying or selling or simply needing a part,

Believe me campers this is where you should start,

Particularly if you want a dealer who will go the extra mile,

Go down to PREMIER where you will be greeted with a smile.

Yes readers, you guessed it, I am a happy man,

For PREMIER have serviced and sorted out my van.

And because of their extraordinary care,

I have no hesitation in recommending you go there,

So one more time lest you forget where,

Their name is their service – PREMIER!