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Maintaining Your Motorhome Tyres
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Maintaining Your Motorhome Tyres

Your motorhome tyres require proper maintenance, as they are the only parts of the motorhome in contact with the road and therefore one of the crucial components in keeping you moving! Looking after your motorhome tyres means more than just checking the tyre tread before you set off on your travels. If you’re not sure what to look out for when it comes to maintaining your tyres, Premier Motorhomes offers a motorhome tyres guide. After all, the more you look after them, the longer they could last and the more breakdowns you’ll avoid!

Acceleration, braking, steering and cornering in your motorhome all depend on a small area of road contact between the tarmac and your tyres. This is why it’s so important to make sure your motorhome tyres are in great condition at all times.

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General recommendations

To ensure your tyres remain in good condition for your upcoming trip, as well as making sure you’re prepared for any eventuality, there are some general recommendations to remember when it comes to motorhome tyres.

It may sound like common sense, but carrying a compatible spare tyre could come in very handy; the pressure should be set at the maximum required, as you never know when you might need it! Check its condition regularly so that you can relax knowing you have a spare tyre at the ready.

Your motorhome tyres should comply with European regulations. This means the minimum tread depth of your tyres should be 1.6mm across the full tread width. It’s also recommended that you replace the tyres well before they reach 1.6mm.

If you haven’t used your motorhome in a while, the tyres are something you should check thoroughly for any deterioration. Motorhome tyres on stationary vehicles will age quickly thanks to the weight of the vehicle and exposure to direct sunlight, if parked outside. If it’s possible, you should jack your motorhome to take some weight off the tyres.

Fit the right motorhome tyres and check the pressure

It’s very important that your motorhome tyres are of the right specification, including all tyres having the same construction. Tyre pressures across the axle should be equal. When replacing your motorhome tyres, be aware that deviating from the original specification can have an effect on the handling of your motorhome.

It’s essential to the stability of your motorhome that the tyres are correctly inflated. Incorrect tyre pressure can actually cause dangerous tyre failure, as well as difficult handling of the vehicle. Motorhome tyres that aren’t inflated correctly will wear out quicker and can also affect your fuel consumption, so it’s in your best interest to check the pressure carefully!

Watch your weight and speed

Speed limits for motorhomes should be noted even more carefully than other vehicles. Motorhomes will have unique handling characteristics, and exceeding the speed limit can be dangerous. Make sure that you drive at a speed that feels comfortable.

You should also ensure not to overload motorhome tyres. Excessive or badly distributed loads can affect the tyres; you may overload one or more wheels, even if the maximum total load hasn’t been exceeded. Load your vehicle evenly and keep it as low as possible to guarantee your motorhome’s stability on the road. Check the weight of your motorhomes at public weighbridges.