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Innovative Auto-Trail Motorhome Features
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Innovative Auto-Trail Motorhome Features

Sometimes the most impressive parts of a motorhome are in the small details, and they can make the biggest difference when it come to your travelling adventures. Auto-Trail is one of Europe’s leading motorhome manufacturers, and they understand the need for options when it comes to innovative leisure vehicles. Making sure everything is personalised to fit your experience, Auto-Trail motorhomes are synonymous with affordable luxury. So, how and why have Auto-Trail made their motorhomes innovative for you and your family?

From the external design of the vehicle to the interior, Auto-trail motorhomes are unique. Citing quality, reliability and attention to detail as just some of the characteristics of an Auto-Trail motorhome, the DNA of an Auto-Trail motorhome includes custom options for you to take advantage of.

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Auto-Trail motorhomes have been designed and created to meet all the right standards and even exceed them. The construction of the motorhome itself means the vehicle is quiet, while also achieving the highest classification in insulation and heating. Every motorhome meets the NCC EN1646-1 standard for thermal insulation; the interior of an Auto-Trail vehicle will maintain 20°C, even if it’s -15°C outside.

Using the newest technology, Auto-Trail engineer reliable vehicles by using 3D printers to create prototype components. These are then tested rigorously. On top of this, aerodynamic styling means that air and water are guided around the body of the vehicle. Finished with GRP moulded panels, the upper cab and rear panels benefit from a watertight seal.

Personalised for your family

The beauty of an Auto-Trail motorhome is that it can be altered to fit your requirements and personal taste. After all, it’s your home-away-from-home, so it needs to be perfect!

There is a choice of upholstery options and the opportunity to add an extra leisure battery or even solar panels. You can also choose to add extra seatbelts, or have them in a different layout. Auto-Trail motorhomes are able to accommodate island beds, walk-in showers and even separate areas for the kids to enjoy. Making sure it’s always a holiday to remember, the level of comfort and luxury is unparalleled.

Keeping you safe

Auto-Trail motorhomes have been built using a Fiat Ducato chassis for around 20 years. After testing and researching different options, it was proven that the Fiat Ducato was not only the best out there but also the most desirable.

After refining the Ducato chassis, it’s now the most motorhome-friendly base. In other words, it’s more like driving a car than ever before. Increased stability and a range of suspension options are just a few reasons why.

This brand of leisure vehicle offers an incredibly comfortable drive, from the steering to the clutch and a panoramic window. You can even choose to have an optional reversing camera to make it even easier for you. The hill-hold function makes it easier to control your vehicle; it works automatically on hills with a gradient of more than 5%.

So, if you’re hoping to invest in a motorhome that has all the safety and comfort features your family could ever need, consider an Auto-Trail motorhome.