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Hymer Motorhomes Buying Guide
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Hymer Motorhomes Buying Guide

One of the highly ranked and most successful motorhome manufacturers, Hymer quickly became a German standard for motorhomes across Europe. Spanning from its roots in 1972 with the start of its motorhome series production, to the modern day, Hymer motorhomes are quality leisure vehicles that focus predominantly on the customers’ desires.

Including innovative technology, optimal safety and comfortable interiors, Hymer is just one of the many brands we deliver here at Premier Motorhomes. Not only was Hymer the first manufacturer to offer a 6-year warranty in 1985, the company fully understands that choosing the right motorhome is a huge and important decision. So, if you’re interested in buying a Hymer motorhome, here is a little guide to help you understand the important factors you should be considering.

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The range of Hymer motorhomes available is vast and can accommodate for a variety of needs. One of the considerations that has to be made when choosing a motorhome is the size. Depending on what your hopes are for your future motorhome travels, Hymer ranges from small, compact vehicles to larger options.

So, if you want a motorhome under 6 metres but you don’t want to compromise on space or comfort, there’s a vehicle for you. Hymer Vans allow you to travel in style with all the mod cons of a larger motorhome.

Likewise, if you would prefer a larger motorhome, you can take advantage of every conceivable comfort with spacious storage options. Making sure you don’t go without, a motorhome over 7.5 metres is a great option.


Lighter Hymer motorhomes, those weighing up to 3.5 t, allow you to be nippy on the roads and don’t have any restrictions. This is particularly beneficial when it comes to the likes of speed limits, toll fees and vehicle tax, as motorhomes that weigh this much are generally treated as a passenger car.

Hymer has 2 models that fall into the category of 3.5 t and over; the Hymermobil B-Class PremiumLine, and the Hymermobil StarLine. These require a different driving license.


Hymer motorhomes are built using a choice of two chassis; Fiat and Mercedes. The Fiat chassis, in the form of the Fiat Ducato, is used in many of the Hymer motorhomes. It provides great value for money and showcases impressive workmanship. Providing the foundation for Fiat motorhomes, there are numerous models available including the Hymer Van and Hymer DuoMobil.

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The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis forms the basis of Hymer’s Mercedes motorhomes, and is one of the safest vehicles in its class. Meeting demanding standards, it offers a safety package as well as driving comfort.


Many people who buy a motorhome are looking for top-end investments. After all, if you’re going to buy a motorhome then you want it to be the best. Hymer offer some deluxe class motorhomes that meet the highest of standards with exclusive equipment and intelligent design concepts.

Featuring additions such as a multi-purpose double floor, GRP roof coating, automatic transmission and wood finishes, luxury Hymer motorhomes are really something special.