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How to Avoid Breaking Down in Your Motorhome
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How to Avoid Breaking Down in Your Motorhome

Travelling in your motorhome is a great way to see more of your surroundings and escape the hustle and bustle of your usual routine. A fantastic way to explore, driving off in your motorhome provides you and your family with endless opportunities.

However, it’s important that you look after your motorhome; one of the worst things to happen on your trip is breaking down! Motorhome breakdown is probably the last thing on your mind when planning a trip, but if you know which checks to make and what to look for before you set off, you could avoid it altogether.

avoid breaking down

Common causes of breakdown

Most breakdowns happen when you don’t look after your motorhome properly and general poor maintenance. Any damage left untreated can cause even more problems; something that is even more apparent during the winter months. It’s important to learn preventative methods as well as repairing anything that’s gone wrong.

Some of the most common causes of motorhome breakdown include tyre damage, engine wear and tear, and electrical or water faults. If you know what you’re looking out for, it’s a lot easier to get your motorhome repaired so you can be back on the road!

Essential checks

Before you set off on any trip, you should check your motorhome to make sure it is safe and there is no underlying damage that could hinder your plans. This is particularly important if you are going on a long trip, or if it’s the first time you’ve been out in it for a while!

A stationary vehicle can sometimes put more pressure on your tyres, causing some damage. You should regularly check the pressure of the motorhome tyres and look for any tears, as this will most likely result in a puncture. Note that the tread depth of the tyres should be 1.6mm but this can vary, especially if you’re travelling abroad or in wintry conditions.

Remember to be equipped with a spare wheel and a toolkit; having these before you travel could mean you are able to stay on the road and get through your trip!

Checking faults and fluid levels

Loss of power can be an obvious issue when out on the road. Having no power in the living quarters is a common cause for call-outs. Check both the engine’s battery and the leisure battery, if you have one, and make sure they both have ample charge. This is a vital step particularly if your motorhome has been off the road for a while.

Other electrical faults can include the likes of lights and wipers; often things like this can go wrong if you have a blown fuse. Check all components and remember to take spare parts!

It’s crucial to check the oil and coolant levels of your motorhome too. If the levels are particularly low, this could be due to a serious engine problem.

So, this year make sure you look after your motorhome from Premier Motorhomes and avoid any breakdowns!