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Dethleffs Motorhomes Through the Generations
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Dethleffs Motorhomes Through the Generations

A motorhome is perfect for a family holiday, a couples retreat or anything in between. Everyone has different requirements and may need a particular size of motorhome or certain layouts to ensure they have everything they could possibly need!

Buying a motorhome can be a big commitment and you’ll no doubt want to make sure you’re buying the right one for you. Dethleffs has built up a reputation for itself as a ‘friend of the family’, providing a large range of motorhomes for all different families no matter the size. So, regardless of your priorities when it comes to your motorhome, Dethleffs has it all!

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Small children

Having little ones might make you feel as though a big holiday will be stressful; juggling your own luggage, all of your children’s luggage and trying to get everyone on a plane doesn’t always appeal to everyone!

A motorhome immediately takes away any element of stress and allows you and your new family to explore new destinations from the comfort of your own vehicle. Dethleffs motorhomes provide ample storage for everything you need, including toys or games to keep your children occupied! Some models even have bunk beds installed to add a bit of fun for your kids, as well as saving space.

So buckle up and get ready to make some great memories together with a Dethleffs motorhome!

Young adults

If you fancy a road trip with a group of friends, or you simply want to own a motorhome to take easier trips to places you’ve never seen, some Dethleffs motorhomes can hold up to 6 berths. Perfect for a group trip to spend some quality time with your friends or family, a motorhome from Dethleffs is built with safety and comfort in mind.

With so much storage to take outdoor seating or even bikes, you can pack for an adventurous trip or simply throw a bag together and take off for a weekend escape. The convenience of a motorhome means you can travel as you please (within reason!) with your favourite group of people.

Senior citizens

Sometimes, you just want a relaxing holidaying experience to take a break from your usual routine. Dethleffs motorhomes are built to the highest level of comfort to ensure that any trip you take is enjoyable. With features such as a fully functioning kitchen, a spacious seating lounge and extra safety features, so many motorhomes from Dethleffs are equipped to make your trip seamless and stress-free.

Some models are designed to maximise space and ensure you can relax no matter where you are travelling to.

Dethleffs MoreValue allows over 80 years of experience to provide a motorhome constructed to the highest standard, providing you with a list of advantages such as more comfort and longer life.

So when you’re shopping for your next motorhome, don’t forget to check out our Dethleffs range here at Premier Motorhomes!