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Dethleffs Motorhome Range: A Comparison
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Dethleffs Motorhome Range: A Comparison

Dethleffs is renowned for providing motorhomes especially for families, providing comfort and convenience for your next family holiday together. Dethleffs put the family first, considering all aspects from safety to storage. Dethleffs began with just one model, expanding as the company progressed and developed into the success it is today. Now, there are countless models to choose from!

If you are looking to buy a Dethleffs motorhome, it might be tricky knowing where to start. Here at Premier Motorhomes we thought we’d give you a brief overview of some of the popular models in the Dethleffs range.

Dethleffs Esprit

The Esprit range includes the popular Comfort model, known for maximising space. Its interior is both attractive and functional, enabling you and your family to live comfortably under the same roof as you travel around on your next adventure.

Its top features include a double floor, with a height of 40cm, that creates even more storage space. With so much more elbow room, the Esprit Comfort combines comfort with modern design. There are also a variety of berth sizes depending on your needs.

dethleffs motorhome

Dethleffs Evan

A more compact motorhome, the Evan model is designed perfectly for winding along Alpine trails or even driving through town centres, should your travels take you on a more urban adventure.

An agile and efficient choice, a Dethleffs Evan model still manages to accommodate everyone comfortably. A panoramic windscreen provides unparalleled views of your journey. With a choice of different layouts and editions to choose from, you can ensure there is the perfect motorhome for you.

Dethleffs Advantage

Innovative and creative, the Advantage model creates more room than ever for comfort. A Dethleffs Advantage motorhome is modern and makes the most of the space, providing an environment with more durability than ever before.

Its lightweight construction has the ability to take on a fair amount of luggage as well as 4 people, meaning you aren’t compromising on facilities or quality.

dethleffs motorhome

Dethleffs Globebus

Another more compact model, the Globebus demonstrates that sometimes less can be more. Perfect for narrower roads or exploring the mountains, this particular model is everything you need in a motorhome.

Combining the comfort of a functioning home in a smaller package, you still have access to a number of amenities and room for the family. Maintaining a full specification of all the necessities, this is a great compact motorhome to choose.

To learn more about the Dethleffs range, or any of the other brands we stock, simply contact us today!