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Choosing the Right Hymer Motorhome
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Choosing the Right Hymer Motorhome

Hymer has become a motorhome brand that is synonymous with comfort, luxury and ease of travel. Making holidaying easier for families and couples alike, Hymer has recently celebrated 60 years in the industry. From a humble beginning with only 2 talented engineers, Hymer now has an impressive success story behind it. Setting the standard for motorhomes across Europe, the brand is an innovative one.

With so many different ranges of Hymer motorhomes, how do you know which is the right one for you and your family? Do you need a lot of storage space, or is the right layout more important to you? Whatever your needs, you can guarantee there is a Hymer motorhome that does it. So, let Premier Motorhomes give you an insight to some of the ranges that accommodate for different size parties.

Hymer Van and Van S

The smallest Hymer motorhomes are the Van and Van S models. With up to 3 berths, they are incredibly manoeuvrable and agile thanks to its semi-integrated bodywork and 2.22m outside width.

Compact models within the Hymer range, they are perfect for a couple’s retreat or weekend escape. The best bit about the small motorhomes is that they don’t compromise on anything; the latest safety standards and high level of comfort are all included despite its reduced size and weight.

Giving you complete flexibility on your holidays, the Van and Van S models boast an impressive overall package for those hassle-free getaways.

hymer van

Hymer Exsis range

The Exsis is another episode in the success of Hymer motorhomes. The Hymer Exsis-t range features 4 different models with varying layouts; there’s plenty of choice depending on what you prefer, from where the kitchen is located, to the type of bed.

Its narrow and lightweight construction means that it’s perfect for the narrow country lanes of UK destinations like Devon and Cornwall. It features specially developed materials including GRP lightweight floors and a PUAL body shell to ensure there is a dramatic weight reduction. The Hymer motorhomes in this range still maintain all the right equipment too; from garage doors on both sides to comfortable foam mattresses, as well as a complete safety package.

Housing 2-3 people, it’s another perfect leisure vehicle for a couple with a passion for exploring.

hymer exsis

Hymermobil ML-I

Another popular Hymer motorhome is the Hymermobil ML-I. Sitting on a Mercedes-Benz chassis, the ML-I range continues to be both stylish and agile despite being of a larger size. Featuring state-of-the-art electronics, such as stability control and safety suspension, the ML-I has impressive additions like a 142-litre capacity refrigerator.

There are 4 different Hymer motorhomes in the ML-I range, with 4-5 berths for bigger parties. Perfect for families or a group of friends, the Hymermobil ML-I is a premium model. What’s more, it’s also available as a 4x4, should you be looking for an off-road adventure!

hymer ML-I

Hymermobil B-Class DynamicLine

The latest innovation from the manufacturer, the Hymermobil B-Class DynamicLine has a huge focus on weight reduction, making a Hymer motorhome that is comfortable, lightweight and of an incredibly high quality. The BDL is substantially under 3.5 tons which is a huge achievement for a leisure vehicle manufacturer, creating a flexible vehicle that can revolutionise the way you take holidays.

It can accommodate between 2 and 5 people, making it a versatile motorhome. What’s more, there are 7 different models to choose from, all with different layouts and specifications so that you can find the perfect one for your needs.

hymer BDL

Hymermobil B-Class SupremeLine

Last but not least, the Hymermobil B-Class SupremeLine, otherwise known as the BSL, is one of the more impressive models from Hymer. It’s new for 2018 and offers unrivalled luxury and comfort, from its innovative technology features to the safety standards and everything in between.

Offering 4-5 berths, the SupremeLine has been dubbed the ‘future of motorhoming’ as the range combines the best of everything about going away in a leisure vehicle. With more room for you to enjoy privacy, there are 3 models to choose from. It is the motorhome that has thought of everything, ideal for travelling in style and with all your home comforts in tow. Its design speaks for itself, with modern interiors to create a real home-away-from-home for you and your family.

hymer BSL
hymer b-class supreme line

hymer b-class supreme line