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Check Out the New Chausson 611 Travel Motorhome
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Check Out the New Chausson 611 Travel Motorhome

Chausson is renowned for its luxury travel vehicles, the company has been around for over 35 years. With their motorhomes sold in over 27 different countries, Chausson has become a symbol of the good life. Producing impressive collections of motorhomes over the years, Premier Motorhomes are proud to present the latest in a long line of successful leisure vehicles; the 611 Travel.

Providing the essential deluxe travel experience with a unique layout, the Chausson 611 motorhome offers 4 road seats as well as 4 access doors. Making your next motorhome trip as perfect as possible, there’s even a VIP lounge for you and your travel companions to relax in while you’re exploring new destinations.

Complete with 4 beds, 2 of which are electric roof beds, it all fits beautifully into the 611 Travel motorhome that’s less than 7 metres long! One of the most impressive motorhomes to hit the market, the design is second to none.

chausson 611 travel motorhome

Features of the Chausson 611 Travel Motorhome

Chausson, as always, have thought of every little detail when it comes to designing and manufacturing their motorhomes The 611 Travel is no exception! From beautiful two-tone furnishings to USB sockets and even a panoramic skylight, the motorhome has everything you could need for the perfect home away from home.

The Chausson 611 Travel includes important safety features, such as a special motorhome chassis and wide track rear axle in order to enhance your driving experience. What’s more, on the road heating, top of the range appliances and LED lights all contribute to a truly impressive leisure vehicle for you and your family to enjoy.

Added extras

Here at Premier Motorhomes we are able to offer some extras on the 611 Travel motorhome especially for you The Chausson 611 Travel we have to offer has an upgraded engine of 150bhp, instead of 130bhp, and a reversing camera for your convenience.

Using anthracite metallic paint on the cab adds a unique touch with an impressive finish, ensuring you’ll fall in love with it as soon as you see it! Striking and modern, the Chausson 611 Travel is an exciting release. Complete with an upgraded touch screen satellite navigation system with functions including radio, CD and MP3, you’ll find everything you could possibly need for a trip away.

At £57,057 on the road, the Chausson 611 Travel line is definitely one to look out for. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

chausson 611 travel motorhome