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An Introduction to Chausson Motorhomes
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An Introduction to Chausson Motorhomes

chausson motorhomes
In 1903, a new company was founded that would soon change the motorhome industry for decades to come. Beginning as a company that manufactured radiators and automobile bodies in Paris, Chausson grew into a leading French brand very quickly. After World War II, it was Chausson buses that transported French schoolchildren around the country.

It wasn’t until the 1980s that Chausson began to produce fitted vans, presenting them at the Paris Automobile Show. From there, Chausson motorhomes and campers began to grow in production and in popularity. Here at Premier Motorhomes we sell a large range of Chausson motorhomes for you and your family to enjoy.

Create your own horizon

In the 1980s, Chausson became the first car manufacturer to take the risk and use white bodywork; luckily for them, it was a huge hit. By the 1990s, France’s leading manufacturer of camping equipment Trigano acquired Chausson. This paved the way for new product and sales policies, triggering a new stance for the company.

Launching a ‘right price’ approach, Chausson offered a limited series of ‘Welcome’ overcabs at a more reasonable price; therefore making their products more accessible to a larger audience. In the late 1990s they began producing a number of different motorhome models to add to their range.

Chausson motorhomes and campers became a symbol of the good life, representing passion and discovery no matter the price or place. Chausson took a careful approach to ensure a well-balanced mix balance of equipment and price, which continues today to make sure that usefulness prevails over excess.

chausson motorhomes

Buying your own Chausson motorhome

Motorhomes from this renowned French manufacturer have the fundamental functions implemented; but not just any functions. Taking comfort and convenience to the next level, Chausson’s essentials are so much more than the basics.

Including a wide track rear axle for road stability, a reinforced roof and a second access gate for the garage, Chausson motorhomes come with things you might not have even thought about.

Operating in over 15 European countries and continuing to demonstrate their expertise in leisure vehicles, Chausson is a company that has functioned successfully for over 100 years.

Motorhome models

Chausson has perfected its range of motorhomes over the years to bring you 4 different models. These include the low profile, A-class, overcab and vans. With each range having its own list of advantages and suits a different kind of adventure. Our huge range provides you with motorhomes that have up to 7 berths, with all the luxury and comfort that you would expect in your own home. Find your next motorhome right here with Premier Motorhomes.

chausson motorhomes