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A Guide to the Auto-Trail Motorhome Range
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A Guide to the Auto-Trail Motorhome Range

Buying a motorhome is an exciting prospect and it can quickly become your go-to mode of transport every time you want to explore a new destination. It is not only a convenient way to travel; it can also add a bit of luxury and comfort for the journey too. After all, a motorhome should be your home away from home!

Whether it’s only the two of you travelling together, or you’re bringing extended family with you, choosing the right motorhome is incredibly important. An investment that will bring you years of memories and adventures, your motorhome will play an important part in your future holidays. With so many manufacturers to choose from, we offer an insight into one of them to help you narrow down your choice.

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Auto-Trail Motorhomes

Auto-Trail have been a prominent brand in the motorhome world since the 1980s, and it has stayed that way ever since. Their development and progress over the decades has made them a popular choice for luxury motorhomes, but what it is about the Auto-Trail brand?

1 in 3 Auto-Trail motorhomes sold in the UK are manufactured in their Grimsby manufacturing centre. With solid roots in Britain, Auto-Trail pay attention to detail. Thanks to a growing catalogue of various motorhome designs and styles, Auto-Trail has something to suit everyone. So, let’s find out what ranges you’ll find.

Tribute range

Auto-Trail’s Tribute line of motorhomes offers a design that is not only constantly being refreshed, but is practical for any family adventure either abroad or in the UK. It includes 10 different models of various sizes and layouts, finished with all the equipment you could possibly need.

Stylish, functional and value for money, the Tribute range even has a choice of coach-built motorhomes or van conversions for you to choose from. Allowing you to benefit from the latest designs, the Tribute range from Auto-Trail is compact and versatile.

Imala range

The Imala range takes on a more youthful approach to motorhome design, focusing on the idea of affordable and accessible luxury. Many people who would love a motorhome are often put off by the price, but the Imala range tackles this and brings the adventure within reach.

Offering 7 different options, this range concentrates on those motorhomers who enjoy the journey just as much as the destination. Thanks to smart storage and clever layouts, you can make the most of a compact space. Take advantage of the simplistic element of this range that still has everything you need.

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Tracker range

Auto-Trail Tracker motorhomes have been around for 20 years and remains an important part of the brand. The product of many conversations with customers, the Tracker range gives you the leisure vehicle that can do anything. From motorways to rural lanes, Tracker motorhomes are equally as comfortable when exploring any destination.

Now featuring longer beds due to an extended bodyshell and overhead lockers to make more of the space, it’s no surprise that Auto-Trail Tracker motorhomes remain popular.

Apache range

This particular range has been revised ready for 2017 in order to offer increased luxury and convenience. Offering a larger size of motorhome, the Apache range is available in 3 different layouts to cater for all families. Refined with features such as a solar panel, integrated awning and improved battery, the Apache from Auto-Trail allows you to enjoy your adventure in enhanced comfort.

With 3 models to choose from, all are based on the renowned Fiat Ducato chassis and can comfortably fit up to 6 people.

Frontier range

Frontier is Auto-Trail’s flagship range and is the result of years of knowledge and research. Coach-built on a Fiat Ducato platform, this is the range that is inherently Auto-Trail thanks to its paintwork. An incredibly modern motorhome, the Frontier range heightens everything that Auto-Trail stands for, from the technical elements to the soft furnishings.

Not compromising on anything, Auto-Trail Frontier motorhomes are engineered with precision and provide the perfect home for long-distance touring.