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A Guide to Motorhome Parking
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A Guide to Motorhome Parking

Driving a motorhome can feel incredibly different from driving your family car, and as such you should take greater care when driving on your next motorhome adventure. After all, the last thing you want is an annoying knock or scratch when you’re trying to relax and enjoy yourself! It might feel like there’s a lot to consider when it comes to driving your motorhome, but most of it comes with practice.

Motorhome parking can be an issue for many drivers, whether you’re new to owning a motorhome or you’ve been driving one for some time. After all, you don’t just have to make sure you’re parking is spot on; you have to find somewhere to park in the first place! With so many different things to remember when it comes to driving and looking after your motorhome, we thought we’d answer your parking questions.

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Learning to park your motorhome

Driving your motorhome can take some getting used to, particularly when it comes to parking and manoeuvring. For example, you should remember to give yourself more time to manoeuvre your motorhome than you would with a car; braking and accelerating will probably require more effort due to the weight of the vehicle. The size of your motorhome also means that the tail end of your vehicle is likely to make corners more difficult. There is also the obvious height limitation too.

There are particular areas where your motorhome is at more risk of accidental damage when it comes to parking up. Service stations or petrol stations can be a hazard; home to many distractions, vehicles in blind spots and smaller gaps to get your vehicle through.

Car parks can have various different hazards that you should be aware of. Low walls, tree branches, posts or boulders are all examples, and that’s without even mentioning other motorists! Many car parks can be a tight spot especially if you’re visiting a tourist hot spot.

Being aware of these potential difficulties can help you to avoid any unwanted scratches or dents to your vehicle!

Where to park your motorhome

It’s important to know where you can park your motorhome, as it could be the deciding factor in where you end up on your adventures! Finding a suitable car park that will hold motorhomes can be tricky, but luckily there are a lot of resources out there to help you.

Motorhome drivers in the past have found it difficult to find parking at various locations across the UK, until Motorhome Parking was set up. This helps drivers to find motorhome parking points, and has a staggering 2227 different places set up to help you find a parking destination.

When you’ve found your space, bear in mind that you should still double check that it permits motorhomes. Where overnight parking is allowed, you should also check the rules on sleeping in your motorhome. Most importantly, make sure your motorhome will fit through the barriers and in the space itself!