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Premier Motorhomes sell a range of new and used premium, luxury motorhomes Our range includes Hymer, Dethleffs, Auto-trail, Chausson, Hymer Car and other leading brands Summer is still here ....and our Sale continues with up to £6000 off all new 2017 model year motorhomes! there's not many of these reduced bargains left now; so check the website and... read more »

Hymer Motorhome Dealers UK

Hymer Motorhome Dealers UK Can Advise On The Best Motorhome For Your Family Hymer motorhome dealers UK wide, especially ones that are approved by the manufacturer, are best placed to advise you on the merits and drawbacks of individual models. This helps ensure that you get the most cost effective deal for your budget... read more »

Dethleffs Motorhome Dealers UK

Dethleffs Motorhome Dealers UK Wide Offer Tips On Buying A Used Vehicle Dethleffs motorhome dealers UK wide are rightly proud to be associated with this quality product that originates from Germany. With a history dating back over 85 years, the Dethleffs company hasn’t lost its knack for innovation and comfort when designing and building... read more »

Chausson Motorhomes UK

Chausson Motorhomes UK - Why Opt For This Brand In A Motorhome? Chausson motorhomes UK wide are one of the most popular brands on the market for recreational vehicles, and there’s no wonder why this is the case when you look at their impressive features. In this article, we’ll give you some information on... read more »

Autotrail Motorhomes For Sale UK

Autotrail Motorhomes For Sale UK And How To Prolong The Life Of Your Investment Autotrail motorhomes for sale UK wide are among the best in terms of innovative design and craftsmanship. It’s no wonder that Auto-Trail itself can say with justification that one third of all motorhomes sold in Britain come from their own... read more »



Hymercar is the compact alternative to a full-sized motorhome, but with the same quality and comfort. Offering an element of flexibility when it comes to your travel plans, a Hymercar is suitable for both city traffic and longer distance cross-country tours. A unique design, Hymercar vans are still an ideal choice for sleeping in... read more »



Hymer has added another dimension to the prestigious and innovative motorhome brands that we retail here at Premier Motorhomes. The Hymer brand has established itself as the German standard of leisure vehicles, thanks to long-standing traditions and experience. Starting with a craft business in 1923, Alfons Hymer was a wheelwright and coachbuilder. His son... read more »

Used Motorhomes Sussex

Used Motorhomes Sussex: How To Get A Bargain With A Reduced Price Tag Used motorhomes Sussex located are widely available throughout the county, and there are various reasons why buying nearly new or older models from motorhome dealers Sussex based make sound financial sense. For instance, you’ll save on the full price of... read more »



Dethleffs are an incredibly well-established brand, having been around since 1931. Growing from a one man operation when Arist Dethleffs developed the first home on wheels in Germany (as he wanted to promote his family business around the world but without leaving his family behind) he built this first ‘caravan’ in a wooden shed.... read more »



Part of the Trigano VDL group, Europe’s No.1 in recreational vehicles, Chausson celebrated 35 years existence in 2015. Their motorhomes are sold in over 27 countries, with the French factory covering the equivalent of 33 football pitches, employing more than 800 people and with an annual production of over 10,000 motorhomes. With a focus... read more »