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Hymercar is the compact alternative to a full-sized motorhome, but with the same quality and comfort. Offering an element of flexibility when it comes to your travel plans, a Hymercar is suitable for both city traffic and longer distance cross-country tours. A unique design, Hymercar vans are still an ideal choice for sleeping in or transporting all different kinds of items.


Treat your Hymercar as your perfect second car – but a car that can do so much more. Investing in a Hymercar van allows you to get the most out of your travels without compromising on comfort or space. Enjoy your freedom, no matter the destination, the Hymercar range is equipped with an extensive range of safety technology as well as innovative design features to ensure your next adventure is effortless.


With its car-like dimensions, a Hymercar is a one-of-a-kind leisure vehicle with some models built on the world-renowned Fiat chassis. When you’re looking for your next van, Hymercar provides a top standard that you won’t find with other panel vans. Ahead of the curve, these models are great all-round vehicles. You can begin exploring in your very own Hymercar by choosing a model right here from Premier Motorhomes.


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