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Hymer has added another dimension to the prestigious and innovative motorhome brands that we retail here at Premier Motorhomes. The Hymer brand has established itself as the German standard of leisure vehicles, thanks to long-standing traditions and experience.

Starting with a craft business in 1923, Alfons Hymer was a wheelwright and coachbuilder. His son then joined to create a family business, eventually starting to produce fully fledged caravans in the 1950s with the ERIBA Touring series. Since the invention of the first Hymer motorhome in 1961, the brand has continued to develop state of the art leisure vehicles for families and couples alike. The significance of Hymer’s brand and its innovation in the motorhome industry began in 1972 with its ‘Hymermobil’ and the start of a permanent motorhome series production.

Hymer’s key focus is always on the customer, ensuring they are fulfilling the customers’ needs as well as providing attractive and comfortable designs. Hymer motorhomes are trendsetters, setting themselves ahead of the time and investing in many features to make your journey better than ever before. Thanks to modern production and internally developed materials, Hymer overcome new challenges. They are committed to providing more environmentally friendly travel whilst ensuring the vehicles are extremely energy efficient that encompass quality, comfort and safety all in one package. On top of great design and incredible comfort, Hymer is also focused on its driving safety features, implemented throughout the development process.

Hymer’s high standards and disciplines are evident throughout their extensive range, they believe that mobile travel is about so much more than going on holiday – it’s a lifestyle. That’s something we agree with here at Premier Motorhomes.

At Premier Motorhomes we have the new models arriving all the time, so if you want to invest in the perfect motorhome for your family, check out our range of Hymer motorhomes today.

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