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An Introduction to Auto-Trail Motorhomes
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An Introduction to Auto-Trail Motorhomes

With so many brands to consider here at Premier Motorhomes, we like to help you by giving you a little insight into each, so that you can make a better decision when it comes to investing in your very own motorhome! Auto-Trail has been at the forefront of motorhome design and innovation for around 35 years, and has solidified its reputation as a leading, dedicated manufacturer.

With a rich British heritage, it has been established as a company and brand since the 1980s. Constantly developing and reinventing itself ever since, Auto-Trail has produced a number of models that are perfect for any traveller.

Building a reputation for craftsmanship and design innovation, the strength of the Auto-Trail brand speaks for itself.

auto-trail motorhome

What makes Auto-Trail so special?

Auto-Trail’s strong British roots are incredibly important to the business; 1 in 3 motorhomes sold in the UK are manufactured in its Grimsby manufacturing plant. With a huge range of choice, its high standard of comfort and its modern developments, it’s not hard to see why Auto-Trail have been so successful in their efforts.

Using the Fiat Ducato chassis, the amount of testing and research that goes into each Auto-Trail creation means that you are getting the most suitable and most desirable leisure vehicle. Everything available on the motorhome models are tested to ensure you can drive away with peace of mind.

Complying with European safety regulations, Auto-Trail has introduced a number of new layouts for its models in 2017, making sure there’s something to suit each family.

auto-trail motorhome

Attention to detail

With professionally fitted accessories and safety features as standard, Auto-Trail motorhomes are built with a high attention to detail. Making each motorhome as individual as you are, you have the opportunity to invest in a luxury leisure vehicle that really feels like a home away from home.

Auto-Trail have created 6 different ranges, with various models within each range. Each range offers a variety of berth and seatbelt options, so you can make sure you’re choosing the right motorhome for you and your family.

From simple extras such as a cutlery drawer and domestic style showers, to advanced entertainment systems and integrated control panels, Auto-Trail remain modern and updated. With high standards across the board, Auto-Trail regularly use some of the UK’s leading automotive testing facilities to ensure all of their vehicles perform well across all road surfaces and driving conditions.

So, next time you’re looking for a new motorhome, you may want to consider Auto-Trail. At Premier Motorhomes we now have a variety of new models arriving throughout March and April, as well as updated layouts for 2017.